Chili store in Jiaoxi

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Chili store in Jiaoxi

Postby cranky laowai » Tue Sep 10, 2013 16:51

The Taiwan-based "Chili Hunters" brand has opened a Làjiāo Wénhuàguǎn (辣椒文化館) -- which in this case is basically just a fancy way to say "store" -- in Jiaoxi, Yilan County.

They make some very good (and expensive) salsa and offer a selection of chili ice-creams. It also offers some hard-to-find varieties of chili -- though for the most part in jars rather than fresh.

It's worth stopping by if you're in the neighborhood.

Jiāoxī Rd sec. 5 no. 61 (礁溪路5段61號)
tel. (03) 988-2639
fax: (03) 988-0148

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Re: Chili store in Jiaoxi

Postby tango42 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 19:30

I stopped in the other day hoping to eat some spicy food. They have a nice large fully stocked store, but alas, no restaurant...
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