How to approach Taiwanese guy

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How to approach Taiwanese guy

Postby Siirissi » Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:23

Hey guys, so I need help. I'm a westerner girl who has a crush on a Taiwanese guy working in my local WorldGym as administrator. He's quite new to the WG but since the first day I saw him I wanted to get him know better. Why? He's got this magical smile that makes me unable to say anything but just utter words "thank you" and "bye" and smile at him in that silly way....

What is scaring me is that I am usually not like that. If you ask any of my friends they would laugh if anyone would say I'm shy. I am really extroverted person and striking into random conversation with any person has never been a problem. Until now. I have few "obstacles" I can't get over. 1) He's never there alone as always 2 or 3 administrators are working together, so whatever I would say to him would be heard by others too 2) I couldn't think anything to say that wouldn't sound too desperate or obsessive or god knows, stalking? ..

Whenever I come he seems really excited and happy to see me.. If it was just any regular white guy I would say he likes me, because the way he smiles and his eyes.. well Idk i get this feeling he would be interested, but it could be also just because I'm white not because he would be actually interested in me. I don't know Taiwanese guys that well :( but I would just love to ask his facebook or line or something but that would be probably too straightforward and if would decline I don't know how I would go to WG anymore (i got there at least 4 times per wee) without having to wear a mask or something..

So my question is.. How to approach random Taiwanese and how to read him? How would I ever know if he's just not seeing me just as a "white" person?

Help? :cry:
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Re: How to approach Taiwanese guy

Postby Kal El » Sun Feb 08, 2015 12:35

Taiwanese guys are just guys. Guys are easy. I would suggest starting off with small talk every time you see him and see how that goes. Something like, "What work out do you follow? Do you do power training or just general fitness?", or "Do you play any sports?"

Obviously don't lead with that. Start with, "Hi. Nice to see you again."

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Re: How to approach Taiwanese guy

Postby Andrew » Sun Feb 08, 2015 21:45

In Taiwanese fashion, get his FB/Line.
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Re: How to approach Taiwanese guy

Postby YuChi » Thu Feb 19, 2015 20:44

I am a Taiwanese girl here. I am quiet an introverted person.:smile:

I think you can start the conversation gradually by asking to exchange your 100 NT bank dollars into 十個十塊 ten changes. Secondly, you can pretend that you don't know a specific place and ask him for direction. Step by step and lead into some normal questions...

Little by little and speak Chinese to him. He would think you are very cute.

Hopefully, it helps. It'd be great to see if it works for you and how he react. : )

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