Chicken Carnage on Taiwan Motorway

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Chicken Carnage on Taiwan Motorway

Postby TainanCowboy » Tue Jul 01, 2014 06:44

"A motorway in Taiwan becomes a scene of chicken carnage after hundreds of dead birds are involved in a high speed crash"

" Hundred of dead chickens fall foul of some impressively careless driving as they are catapulted into the air in a dramatic high-speed crash.
A motorway in Taiwan becomes a scene of chaos when hundreds of alien-like dead birds are flung across a busy road following a crash.
The collision, which occurs between two lorries, happens after the smaller vehicle appears to crash into the side of the larger lorry.
Dash cam video shows hundreds of skinned birds thrown from the vehicle and strewn across the motorway leaving a scene of chaos as drivers try to drive through the debris.
The smaller van then appears to crash into the central reservation and then continues driving with no hope of recouping its load anytime soon."

A fowl deed on the motorway.
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