Bayan Wild Hot Springs an hour outside of Taipei

Re: Bayan Wild Hot Springs an hour outside of Taipei

Postby maoman » Wed Oct 15, 2014 20:35

I took the family there on Saturday. It was a good visit. YMS National Park officials had torn down a lot of the rocks forming the pools that people soak in, but on Saturday there was a group of a dozen Taiwanese men moving large boulders back into place (in their bare feet) with the aid of a winch hoist, ropes, levers, and elbow grease. They were having a good time, you could see, and I was glad that they asked me to help them.

ANYWAY, on Monday, I get the following email from someone who visited just one day later:
WARNING WARNING : we went there yesterday and at the red sign with 15000 penalty, trying to figure out how to jump the iron fence, we were suddenly attacked by aggressive black hornets to the head, 5-10 stings for each adults/kids even through the hair in few seconds. 20-30 min in the wild on foot from the car park. Low phone signal. No taxi. No bus. We hitchhiked till Jinshan Hospital where we found that many other people were stung too! Some in serious conditions stung all over the body. You must speak in Chinese with the doctors. It is SO MUCH PAINFUL even 8 hours later and even with painkillers, very itchy after one night. Moreover hospital costs nearly 2000NT each! It could happen anywhere in any trails. THINK about it and prepare your medicine...

Yikes. I'm very grateful to this person for posting the warning. I will certainly be careful next time I visit! :eek:
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