Test driving a car run on gasoline

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Test driving a car run on gasoline

Postby Taffy » Tue May 05, 2015 20:03


So we sat in the car and pressed the START button. The car’s gasoline engine coughed to life and started to operate. One could hear the engine’s sound and the car’s whole body vibrated as if something was broken, but the seller assured us that everything was as it should. The car actually has an electric motor and a microscopically small battery, but they are only used to start the petrol engine – the electric motor does not drive the wheels. The petrol engine then uses a tank full of gasoline, a fossil liquid, to propel the car by exploding small drops of it. It is apparently the small explosions that you hear and feel when the engine is running.

Despite the strained nature of the conceit, it makes some good points about the advantages of electric cars. Despite these though, I'll stick with my 12-year-old diesel until electric cars come into my price range. Even with the exorbitant cost of fuel, the electric equation isn't quite there on price (yet). Love the idea though, especially on the day when you can pull enough juice from your rooftop panels to power the thing.
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