Titty Tea in Zhubei (Xinzhu)

Titty Tea in Zhubei (Xinzhu)

Postby maoman » Mon Apr 09, 2012 13:04

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After a great meal in Xinzhu last night, I wandered over to Titty Tea in search of bosoms.

Alas, there were no available bosoms to be found, certainly none on display.

Titty Tea is a very nice, coffeeshop/restaurant/pub/performance venue opened in September of 2010 by Chicago native and all-round nice guy Shawn Sonnenberg and his wife. The cafe is named after his dog, and for the fact that it's an unusual and very memorable name.

Apart from the laid-back, neighborhood bar aspect of the place, there are other good reasons to go: this place has some really top-notch beers!
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