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How independent should married/lifetime couples be?

Emotionally, financially, and socially independent. It's okay to blank on your partner's name during intercourse.
Mostly independent. Good sex and showing each other off at parties are important, but marriage is really about having someone trustworthy to dump the kids on.
Somewhat independent. If you can be in the same room when you poo, that's too close.
Somewhat dependent. I mean, why wouldn't you know where one another's socks/panty liners are?
Mostly dependent. Like a cowboy who wouldn't know what to do without his steers, essentially "cow dependent."
Totally dependent. Couple takes pains to maintain a "sati-friendly" relationship.
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Re: I Miss My Wife Poll

Postby Budgerigar » Fri Sep 06, 2013 18:54

I find it interesting that Henny Youngman and Bob Hope were both British by birth. They must have kept up contact with "za old country," so I wonder who actually did the stealing. Not that it matters. Stand up comics steal from each other almost by definition--or that generation of them did in any case. It was part of their charm.

Dragonbones wrote:One could prefer different levels of (in)dependence on different dimensions such as emotional, financial, and social, so it's too complex an issue to answer on such a poll. :twocents:

Of course (like I said to TC, my polls are my own attempts at stand up comedy--don't take them too seriously). But you are right. Plus marriage is dynamic over time. The "different levels of (in)dependence" a couple prefers will (and should) vary over the years together. Nothing on earth stays the same, least of all as volatile a thing as intimate human relations.
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Re: I Miss My Wife Poll

Postby Big Vern » Fri Sep 06, 2013 19:04

sandman wrote: Yanks were still basically large men in khaki uniforms who gave us candy, gum and nylon stockings. :lol:

What did you have to do to get all that?

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Just Jennifer (Sat Sep 07, 2013 00:38)
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Re: I Miss My Wife Poll

Postby Toad » Fri Sep 06, 2013 19:27

I'm just wondering why sandman was asking butch men for nylon stockings.
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Re: I Miss My Wife Poll

Postby sandman » Fri Sep 06, 2013 19:32

Big Vern wrote:
sandman wrote: Yanks were still basically large men in khaki uniforms who gave us candy, gum and nylon stockings. :lol:

What did you have to do to get all that?

A bit before my time (but only just!). But "over-paid, over-sexed and over-here..." I think you can hazard a guess. At least as far as the nylons go.
I still remember saying "got any gum, chum?" even though the GIs had long gone. It was a catchphrase that lasted until I was at primary school.
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