Childbirth at Dr Shu's OBGYN clinic on Heping E Rd Section 1 (also at Zhongxiao Dunhua)

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Childbirth at Dr Shu's OBGYN clinic on Heping E Rd Section 1 (also at Zhongxiao Dunhua)

Postby HMG » Thu Oct 31, 2013 14:58

I visited Dr. Shu's clinic from the moment I first realized I was pregnant, through labour and post delivery care.

My doctor was Dr. Chen (female) and she is one of the most laid back, relaxed doctors you will ever meet. She was so calm during each visit, even when I had worries, that she made the process much easier for me. This was my second child and my first labour, delivery and recovery was horrible. I was terrified to do it all again but baby number two was a surprise for us! :-)

My monthly/weekly visits took place at the Zhongxiao Dunhwa clinic but you can also do them at the Heping one. I started going to Heping to get more comfortable with where the baby would be born as we got closer to the big day.

The Heping clinic is also what we refer to as a baby hotel, where you can stay for a month PP if you like. I didn't plan to overstay but I ended up having an unplanned c-section and was super grateful to be able to stay a couple extra days to monitor my recovery and have help with the baby.

Of concern to us was the cost, but in the end I am convinced it was less than Zhongshan or the Adventist. I visited Zhongshan once during my pregnancy. I had planned to go there if baby came early and the visit with NHI was NT380. My visits to Dr. Shu's were each NT150 and I had an ultrasound almost every time.

The total fee was NT51,000
Breakdown as follows
Epidural NT12,000 I hadn't planned this but there was no way I was doing a c-section without it. You could choose a lesser pain relief option though.
Ward Fee 27,000 7 days in the baby hotel which is very nice, my husband stayed some nights and my mom others. Looks like a basic hotel room, not shared. You can keep baby with you, which I did, or have baby stay in the nursery.
The nurses will come when you call them to help you with absolutely anything. Bringing bottles, baby questions, help to go to the bathroom(if you have a c-section you'll know what I mean) or pain meds. They will come to you happily and quickly!
About NT6000 of costs were for some baby products and medical supplies for me. Then there was about NT4000 in testing charges, NT2500 for tests the Taiwan government requires and the rest are optional (hearing tests, blood type tests) oh and NT450 for some cute baby pictures where they dressed baby up like mickey mouse. I couldn't resist!

The care was amazing compared to the hospital care I have experienced in the past. The c-section decision was made at midnight on a Saturday night. Within 15 minutes, all three clinic doctors and the epidural guy arrived and were ready to go. It wasn’t an emergency, baby was too big and labour stalled after 30ish hours. He just needed to come out and my body wasn’t making it happen.

I would recommend this clinic wholeheartedly and Dr. Chen if you want a doctor who is willing to follow your wishes and super calm about everything . Everything I asked for was okay with her even if it wasn’t their standard practice.

I did not have a doula or anyone Mandarin speaking to help. My husband and Mother already wanted to be there and I thought that was enough people in the room. Dr. Chen and the other Doctors speak English and some of the nurses do also. The night nurses not so much, but we managed just fine.

I hope this helps someone looking for a great place to give birth.

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Re: Childbirth at Dr Shu's OBGYN clinic on Heping E Rd Section 1 (also at Zhongxiao Dunhua)

Postby sandman » Thu Oct 31, 2013 16:55

Congratulations! And a very nice write-up.
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Re: Childbirth at Dr Shu's OBGYN clinic on Heping E Rd Section 1 (also at Zhongxiao Dunhua)

Postby Just Jennifer » Fri Nov 01, 2013 00:02

Congratulations HMG and thanks for the recommendation for other parents-to-be!
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