The one that got away....

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The one that got away....

Postby maoman » Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:05

I thought this was a sweet story in the Taipei Times:
Pulitzer winner seeks his long-lost Taiwanese muse
During a six-month assignment to Taiwan in 1962 he met Vicky during a gathering at the US Taiwan Defense Command headquarters on Taipei’s Zhongshan N Road.
Because it was a very long time ago, Brinkley-Rogers said he can only vaguely remember that the woman, surnamed Lee (李), was the widow of an air force pilot with three children.
He recalled that Vicky often discussed literature with him and encouraged him to continue writing. They usually met in a park in Taipei and later traveled twice together to Taichung and then-Taipei county’s Wulai (烏來).
He said that Vicky’s friendship and encouragement was one of the driving forces behind the non-stop pursuit of writing that eventually won him a Pulitzer Prize.
Showing dozens of photographs taken with her, Brinkley-Rogers said he wished very much to visit Taiwan again to see his old friend.

I'm lucky in that I've only ever proposed once, and she said yes. There was a girl in university who only liked me as a friend (sigh), and probably a handful of girls that I met when I was out on the town who were considerably less interested in me than I was in them, but that's about it. There is no regret about "the one" that got away.
Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.
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