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National Museum of Marine Science & Technology

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 14:35
by cranky laowai
Over the weekend I visited the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, a relatively new museum on the northeast coast. It's quite large (adult admission: NT$200). A separate building houses an Imax theater, which at the time was showing 3D documentaries on whales and dolphins, and on the U.S. national parks (NT$120 for adults).

If the museum houses any sea critters, I didn't see them. So don't go expecting an aquarium. But the many children in the museum seemed to be having a good time regardless.

The English on the signage ranges from good to merely sufficient for readers to figure out what was probably meant.

The museum can be reached by taking a train to Ruifang and then transferring to the new Shen'ao spur line to Badouzi. Get off at Haikeguan and walk 5-10 minutes. Better still if you have time, get off at Badouzi, which offers a scenic view of the ocean, and walk from there. (See map below.)

Tip: You could combine this with a trip to Pingxi. If so, stay on the train when it return to Ruifang station; that way you will have seats for the continuing journey to Pingxi, which is always crowded on weekends. Or at least that was the way the trains were organized on Saturday when I was there.


Re: National Museum of Marine Science & Technology

PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 23:01
by Dragonbones
There's more on this good museum here: national-museum-of-marine-science-and-technology-in-jilong-keelung-t12790.html

We have been many times since my first post there. It has the best ocean-themed playroom for toddlers and young kids that I know of in Taiwan, and is an excellent resource when teaching concepts like deep ocean vents and the life forms there, deep ocean life like tube worms, the pressure of the ocean, fishing resources and over-fishing, forms of fishing, traditional fishing, crustaceans and jellyfish, and so on.