Farewell Dr. Thomas Sowell

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Farewell Dr. Thomas Sowell

Postby TainanCowboy » Wed Dec 28, 2016 07:32

Dr. Thomas Sowell is retiring from his long, 25+ yrs., column at Creators Syndicate.
IMO, and many others, he is one of the most brilliant minds and writers in both the economic spectrum as well as just plain enjoyable common sense.
Here are a few links to articles - and his website, which has a very good "Basic Economics" link, for your perusal:

Dr. Sowell

His farewell column - Farewell

Here is the Interview referred to:

The facts expressed here belong to everybody. The opinions are mine.
I don’t post political comments or articles to convince those who disagree with me,
I post them so that those who might agree with such positions will know they are not alone.
Some things are opinions and can be argued - some things are facts and cannot.
Proverbs, Chapter 16 verse 9 <--- When in doubt, remember this.

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