Raising money through sporting events for charity

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Raising money through sporting events for charity

Postby marasan » Wed Nov 01, 2017 16:13

My friends and I are starting a sports for charity organization. Here’s our fb webpage (please feel free to “like” the page):

https://www.facebook.com/Sport-for-Char ... 246104159/

Basically, the idea is to participate in a sporting event and get sponsors to donate funds for a charity of our choice. For example, my friend will be doing an ultramarathon over a weekend next April. 246km across Taiwan. So the idea is to get sponsors for each kilometer completed (NT$1 or NT$2 per kilometer, for example). We ask the sponsors to transfer funds after the sporting event is completed, then the donations will be given to a charity (my ultramarathon friend wants to donate to a children’s cancer organization, for example).

We will be cooperating with a church with non-profit organization status. We decided to go this route for tax purposes (our own and also since they can give out receipts for tax deductions), and also for legal concerns we have (see below- we have heard of a local getting fined for raising money in a similar fashion and hence our concerns).

The issue of legal problems we could face came up in one of our discussions. I would like to know if there is any risk of legal problems as follows:
a) for Taiwanese like my friend participating in a sporting event, asking for donations, and otherwise being involved in such an organization;
b) for foreigners like me with ARC or APRC status participating in a sporting event, asking for donations, and otherwise being involved in such an organization; and
c) for foreigners here on tourist visas getting involved like with a) or b).

Also, if an organization puts on a sporting event and the organization plans to donate to a charity, if one of us then participates in the sporting event, can we also get sponsors and receive donations for our own charity effort? The organization won't come after us for doing this, will they?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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