Turkish Academic Paper on Expats in Taiwan

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Turkish Academic Paper on Expats in Taiwan

Postby Corns » Sun Feb 25, 2018 16:58

Has anyone read this recent academic paper published in a Turkish Drama literary journal?

Very, very interesting albeit probably a little controversial. It is basically calling English speaking expats in Taiwan cultural/sexual imperialists with airs of superiority. I can`t believe this vitriol got published. Perhaps they should investigate human rights and gender roles in post colonial Africa (hardly a beacon of equality) instead of picking on expatriates in Asia. :lol:

Or even better ---the erosion of the rights of women in Turkey under that Ottoman thug, Erdogan. :lol:

Some interesting excerpts:

When combined with the acceptance of English as a lingua franca it opens the doors for a Swiss national with blond hair, blue eyes and an average command of English to earn considerably more than many quali ed local language instructors. It allows for numerous failed DJs and musicians from North America and Europe to package themselves as the ‘authentic’ representatives of revered Western cultural products. By maintaining the performance of cultural superiority, the expatriate community carry the white privilege they have inherited from colonialism. They create distinct environmental pockets in which their racially coloured sexual fantasies are not just entertained by the locals, but enforced upon them as normality.

Some nightclubs in Taiwan operate with a business model based on facilitating meet ups between white men and Taiwanese women. One of the classic policies for arranging this is having the entrance fee discriminate against Asian men, particularly on events like “lady’s night” when women are allowed in free of charge. Of cially the policy is that “foreigners” have a discount on entrance. What is meant by this however, is anyone not looking Asian. Indonesian, Japanese and Korean men are told to pay the “native” entrance fee.

One woman had reported to her that a white man convinced her he doesn’t need to wear condoms because he can identify if someone has sexually transmitted infections by “checking behind the ears.”

The persistence of bigotry among educated groups and among educators revealed in this study are also important to remember that education in itself is not entirely suf cient in terms of abating racist ideologies.

http://yader.org/index.php/yader/articl ... 8.009/1901
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Re: Turkish Academic Paper on Expats in Taiwan

Postby Big Vern » Sun Feb 25, 2018 17:57

I seem to recall a similar academic paper a few years ago that was specifically about white male behavior in Carnegie's. I would find it amazing what gets published in academic journals if I wasn't sadly aware of the role a lot of them play.
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Re: Turkish Academic Paper on Expats in Taiwan

Postby Toad » Sun Feb 25, 2018 20:22

That's pretty funny. Someone seems to be awfully jealous of those dissolute expats floating happily in their crapulence.

Perhaps the "researchers" accepted funding from Apple Daily?
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