Using Google Translate for Real-Time Lookups?

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Using Google Translate for Real-Time Lookups?

Postby driftwork » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:43

I started teaching a one-on-one adult private class recently.

It turns out, my client's English is actually less developed then my Chinese ability.

This is 'saying something' since my Chinese is really only in the realm of 'Advanced-Beginner' / 'Very Early Intermediate'.

Because he wants to focus on conversation, is has become necessary to translate words on the fly.

Initially, I thought I could use PLECO as my go-to dictionary and look words up as we went.

It turns out this is way too slow and cumbersome.

I've started using the Google Voice search feature on my Note 4 which goes directly to Google-Translate.

I simply say: " (method) in Mandarin" or whatever I want to know and it shouts it out.

This has become surprisingly useful and much faster then if I was to look everything up in PLECO by typing the word in.


Does anyone else do this?

I was thinking that I could get a blue-tooth headset that had a built in microphone and put it in one ear for our entire class.

I could then ask Google for any word I don't know and then repeat it to my client.

I'm wondering if there is any way to use some sort of voice activation for PLECO in the same way?

Could I customize my phone to use voice controls to trigger dictionary lookups?

Any ideas would be swell.

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