Slugs on my cauliflower

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Slugs on my cauliflower

Postby Icon » Mon Apr 30, 2018 00:39

Just a question here. I buy organic produce and I occasionally find living moving protein, like worms. Wash and cool is what I usually do. However, tonight I found a fat watermelon seed size slug between my cauliflower florets. There were also some of his smaller family and friends. Veggie was purchased on Saturday.

I was thinking of bringing the matter to the store but am I being too sensitive?
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Re: Slugs on my cauliflower

Postby Big Vern » Mon Apr 30, 2018 08:08

You can't have your slug and eat it. If you choose organic then you're going to get organic. Also, I'd worry that if you complain the store might start spraying the veg with pesticides.
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Re: Slugs on my cauliflower

Postby cranky laowai » Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:18

I was expecting this to be one of those obscure blues metaphors.

Got slugs on my cauliflower, a purple dog on my windowsill
I say I've got slugs on my cauliflower, baby, and a purple dog on my windowsill
Without you here, honey child, there just ain't no thrill


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Re: Slugs on my cauliflower

Postby sandman » Mon Apr 30, 2018 13:19

If I had a purple dog on MY windowsill... just sayin', is all. Icon, we used to pick giant field mushrooms in my dad's garden. Size of a dinner plate. My mum would cook them in butter and the heat would bring the bugs out. She just used to scoop them out. Sometimes. Other times, we kids would just consume them willy-nilly. Of course, we didn't know they were bugs. And mum never told us until years later. But that was then, in the 1960s. Last time at their place in Scotland, me, Jojo, Anton Whittle, Jaqueline Gouldborne and Sandy Wee gathered a couple of huge carrier bags of chanterelles, which also contained bugs. We had them for breakfast and later, in a stew of wild goose and venison sausage. Its all protein.
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