How to flog a painting

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How to flog a painting

Postby Big Vern » Wed May 16, 2018 18:18 ... nting.html

You've got to admire these guys at Sotheby's.

Are the feet different sizes for a reason? Why does she appear to be kind of floating above the sheet rather than sinking into it? Why are the proportions of her upper body and lower body so odd? Did Modigliani do these things on purpose, or was he perhaps fucked up at the time?

I know. I'm a philistine and jealous because I don't have $157m to spunk. But really, what is good about this work of art? I would like to learn.
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Re: How to flog a painting

Postby Kal El » Thu May 17, 2018 13:04

I don't reckon any painting a mere 100 years old is worth that. The only paintings I hold that high in my esteem, i.e. pretty much priceless, are ones done by Michealangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. And that includes their sculptures. :twocents:

The model for that painting must have had a nice butt though. :thumbsup:
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