Survey and events for entrepreneurs

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Survey and events for entrepreneurs

Postby chihhuiwang » Fri May 25, 2018 17:31

Hi all,

Here is the information about some events for you, and I would like to invite you join our surveys. Filling the questionnaires may take some times, but I really appreciate your help!

I’m from China Credit Information Service, and we were commissioned by the Science and Technology Law Institute of Institute for Information Industry (財團法人資策會科技法律研究所) to conduct the surveys about Taiwan Startup Environment and the International Startup Terrace.

Foreigners who are interested in starting a business in Taiwan, or who have already established a company in Taiwan are welcome to participate in the survey. Your response will help the government agencies re-evaluate related programs and policies.

There are two questionnaires. Please click the link below.

Questionnaire 1 : Taiwan Startup Environment Survey
English: ... px?lang=en
日本語: ... px?lang=jp

Questionnaire 2 : The International Startup Terrace Survey
English: ... px?lang=en
日本語: ... px?lang=jp

In addition, we will also conduct the in-depth interviews about this topic, and hold the seminars to introduce the International Startup Terrace.
We will provide reimbursements for the participants of these two events.

[1]Startup Terrace-Seminar
We will organize four seminars to introduce how to station in the Startup Terrace and the surroundings to the entrepreneurs.

Place: Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
(No.62,Sec.3,Roosevelt Road, Taipei)
1st session: 2018/06/12 14:00-16:00
2nd session: 2018/07/04 14:00-16:00

-How to station in the Startup Terrace
-Resources for startups and subsidy programs

[2]In-depth Interview
We will also conduct the in-depth interviews to have a deeper understanding of the problems that foreign entrepreneurs encountered and the their requests.

The interview takes around 1 hour, and interviewees will receive a reimbursement.

Parts of Interview Questions:
-The strengths and weakness of starting business in Taiwan
-The problems of working or starting new business in Taiwan you’ve faced, such as visa application, salary level, career path, and working conditions
-The policies about foreigners starting a business in Taiwan.

If you would like to participate in the interview or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contact information:
Researcher: Chih-Hui Wang
Tel: (02)8768-3266#830

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.

China Credit Information Service, Marketing Research Department
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