Class Action Lawsuit Against AUDI- Transmission Failure

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Class Action Lawsuit Against AUDI- Transmission Failure

Postby timaudi » Sun Jun 17, 2018 15:29

My Audi A7 has been at Audi Service in Neihu for over 9 months due to transmission failure. We will be filing a class action lawsuit against Audi Taiwan and Audi Germany. If you also have issues with your transmission and would like to be included in this class action lawsuit, please respond to this post.

Don't believe Audi Service when they say they can fix your transmission! Prior to this incident, I have been at service 9 times (not to mention the 13+ times my car was at service for other problems). They have yet to resolve the issue. I have spoken with numerous Audi owners, and they told me they experience the same problems with their transmission. These failures are catastrophic while driving. My A7 has stalled in the middle of moving traffic on numerous occasions. It has also surged into traffic unexpectedly. Both of my children were in my car during these incidents. We need to protect the safety of our children and that of motorists around us. It is time Audi Taiwan and Audi Germany are held responsible for the dangers Audi owners and those around us are subjected to while operating their vehicles. Hundreds of thousands of Audis have been recalled throughout the world for transmission related failures. Taiwan should not and will no longer be an exception.

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