Resistance Stretching Sun 11/25 15:30-17:00

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Resistance Stretching Sun 11/25 15:30-17:00

Postby chuen » Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:16

Hello everybody!

Peacestreet Community Center kindly welcomes you to another Resistance Stretching class in Taipei, Taiwan.

【Resistance Stretching】
Resistance Stretching is an exercise technique that makes use of opposing forces to stretch body parts with a slowly moving motion. It changes fascia tissues and re-trains movement patterns improving strength and flexibility in an effective and efficient way. The exercises are assigned a Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian and can be used to diagnose the tightness in each meridian as well as stimulate energy flow in them.
Physical pain due to limited flexibility can be safely removed and psychological and emotional scars can be treated in a sustainable way. 
Resistance Stretching can benefit everybody, regardless of how flexible they are or whether they exercise regularly. Main benefits include natural joint and posture alignment, strengthening of core muscles, loosening of tight body parts, strengthening of weak muscles groups, promotion of metabolism, energising the body and mind, improved bowel movements, better sleep quality, etc.

Please join us in introductory class to experience the effect Resistance Stretching can have on tight fascia tissues and start a new habit for your well-being!

Peacestreet Community Center
106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 3, Heping East Road, 83號3 樓
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【Date and time】
Sunday, Nov 25 2018

【Suggested donation】

【Course Content】
The session will mainly cover Resistance Stretching (RS) self-stretch exercises for the Energy Meridians 1-8 and introduce concepts of Resistance Stretching as well inform the student about Fascia.
What is Fascia and why is it important for our body? 
How do RS exercises influence fascia? 
Apart from RS exercises what else can be done to keep the fascia healthy? 
How can Resistance Stretching be combined with TCM Meridians to aid our health and wellbeing?

※ Please bring your own yoga mat, a small pillow to support a weak knee, and two cloths to slide hands or feet on the floor.

【About the trainer】
Chuen Tschi (William) discovered Resistance Stretching (RS) in 2013 when he was looking for ways to prevent his persistent knee worries.
He started to introduce Resistance Stretching to family and friends in 2015, running self-stretch classes, partner stretch sessions and private stretch sessions in his leisure time.
He had the opportunity to visit the Genius of Flexibility Centre in Boston, MA, USA once a year in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and learned from different elite trainers.
Chuen Tschi attended level 1 certification in New York, NY, USA in February 2016 and level 2 certification in Santa Barbara, CA, USA in April 2017. 
He is convinced that RS can benefit many people with similar injuries and has started his life project "Stretch with Chuen" to promote and teach RS to local communities around the world.
He currently lives in Hsinchu, Taiwan and runs regular classes twice a week. Please refer to the Hsinchu Resistance Stretching FB Group for more information.

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T: 0905568462
lineID: chuen_liang
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