KMT and nuclear power

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KMT and nuclear power

Postby cranky laowai » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:14

What is behind the KMT's love affair with nuclear power? This seems to be more than just another party policy. It's not just that the party backs the use of nuclear power plants but that it does so so vehemently.

This isn't a new thing either. Long before all of this year's referendums, the KMT was fighting hard over this issue. IIRC, it was the source of the first big legislative argument after Chen was elected in 2000.

On the other hand, maybe this really is a winning issue for them. The referendums all went their way.
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Re: KMT and nuclear power

Postby Toad » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:26

I would guess it's because (at least if you reject any sort of modernization) nuclear power is the best option for a Very Small Politically-Isolated Island. The other (traditional) options would be coal, gas or (I suppose) oil, but you would need vast volumes of the stuff to feed the Taiwanese appetite for energy, and Taiwan has none of those things locally.

Nuclear fuel, on the other hand, doesn't take up much physical space and is theoretically quite easy to obtain. You could probably get it through a naval blockade on a submarine if push came to shove.

Of course, having a proper think about whether the country could use energy more efficiently, or make use of its abundant sunshine, is completely off the table. Whereas a couple of nuclear power stations could be taken out without much trouble, distributed solar would be highly resilient against targeted destruction in a hypothetical war with China, but nobody seems to have raised that as a potential benefit.
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