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Postby maoman » Tue Dec 11, 2018 19:45

From a friend on FB:
It's fun to learn odd little things about friends.

▪️First Job - delivering newspapers. First real job: McDonald’s (age 15).
▪️Dream job - Don’t have one
▪️Favorite foot attire - Adidas
▪️Favorite candy - dark chocolate
▪️Favorite ice cream - strawberry
▪️What are you listening to - Tove Lo
▪️Favorite pizza - basil, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, pepperoni
▪️Favorite Movie - Johnny Stecchino
▪️Favorite tv show - Magnum P.I.
▪️Favorite day of the week - Every day
▪️Favorite Flower - lilac
▪️Tattoos - none.
▪️Like to cook - for my daughters.
▪️Favorite color - dark blue
▪️Gold or silver - whatever
▪️Do you like vegetables? Yes, especially water chestnuts
▪️Do you wear glasses? Just for reading
▪️Favorite season - Summer. I like it hot.
▪️Dream Travel Destination - Bhutan

Come on...someone do this with me. Hold down your finger and copy and paste into your own status with your answers.
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Re: Trivia

Postby Icon » Wed Dec 12, 2018 00:20

▪️First Job - selling stuff in a market store, lasted a day. First real job: doing inventory at a bookshop (age 14).
▪️Dream job - writer
▪️Favorite foot attire - Scona
▪️Favorite candy - dark chocolate
▪️Favorite ice cream - yogurt berries
▪️What are you listening to - 90s dance music
▪️Favorite pizza - meat lovers
▪️Favorite Movie - Cafe Waiting Love
▪️Favorite tv show - Supernatural
▪️Favorite day of the week - Saturday
▪️Favorite Flower - orchids
▪️Tattoos - no
▪️Like to cook - no
▪️Favorite color - red
▪️Gold or silver - silver
▪️Do you like vegetables? Yes
▪️Do you wear glasses? Yes
▪️Favorite season - Spring
▪️Dream Travel Destination - England
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Re: Trivia

Postby jimipresley » Wed Dec 12, 2018 00:58

▪️First Job - Sorting betting slips at a bookmaker's. First real job: Librarian
▪️Dream job - Not having to work
▪️Favorite foot attire - For myself, NT$200 knock-offs. On women, Converse. NO flip-flops on men or women. Urgh
▪️Favorite candy - butterscotch and fruit pastilles
▪️Favorite ice cream - vanilla
▪️What are you listening to - Neil Young
▪️Favorite pizza - Sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, anchovies
▪️Favorite Movie - Apocalypse Now
▪️Favorite tv show - Game of Thrones
▪️Favorite day of the week - Friday
▪️Favorite Flower - Orchid
▪️Tattoos - yuck
▪️Like to cook - Oh, yes. It's my hobby.
▪️Favorite color - black
▪️Gold or silver - Gold is gaudy and for gangsters. Silver
▪️Do you like vegetables? Love them, except for sweet potatoes
▪️Do you wear glasses? For everything more then 1 meter away
▪️Favorite season - Autumn
▪️Dream Travel Destination - Scotland
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Re: Trivia

Postby cfimages » Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:49

▪️First Job - Indoor cricket umpire
▪️Dream job - Kind of what I do now if I could just swap the boring but lucrative bits and the interesting but low paid bits around.
▪️Favorite foot attire - Sneakers I guess. If I still lived by the beach, probably barefoot.
▪️Favorite candy - chocolate
▪️Favorite ice cream - butterscotch
▪️What are you listening to - Cold Chisel
▪️Favorite pizza - currently, the vegetable one at Cliff's in Yonghe
▪️Favorite Movie - Baraka
▪️Favorite tv show - don't really have one.
▪️Favorite day of the week - Every day
▪️Favorite Flower - don't really have one. Maybe hibiscus.
▪️Tattoos - none.
▪️Like to cook - yep
▪️Favorite color - blue
▪️Gold or silver - silver
▪️Do you like vegetables? Absolutely
▪️Do you wear glasses? yes
▪️Favorite season - Summer.
▪️Dream Travel Destination - India
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Re: Trivia

Postby Dragonbones » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:39

▪️First job - paperboy
▪️Dream job – chocolate taster.
▪️Favorite foot attire - sandals
▪️Favorite candy – very dark chocolate
▪️Favorite ice cream – very dark chocolate
▪️What are you listening to – classical guitar: John Williams Plays Music of Agustín Barrios Mangoré
▪️Favorite pizza – homemade herbed and crisp thick-crust sourdough with garlicky tomato sauce, half the cheese (mozzarella), onions, pre-sauteed marinated mushrooms, basil, black olives, grana padano and chorizo or other spicy sausage
▪️Favorite movie – don’t really have just one, perhaps the LOTR series
▪️Favorite TV show - none
▪️Favorite day of the week - Saturday
▪️Favorite flower - don't really have one. Maybe broccoli.
▪️Tattoos - nope
▪️Like to cook - absolutely
▪️Favorite color – olive green nowadays, silver when I was a kid
▪️Gold or silver – silver, hands down
▪️Do you like vegetables? Very much, especially broccoli
▪️Do you wear glasses? yes
▪️Favorite season - autumn
▪️Dream travel destination – anywhere with ancient castles, great music and food, not too hot. Spain’s nice, but not Madrid in summer.
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Re: Trivia

Postby Toad » Wed Dec 12, 2018 15:02

▪️First Job - hotel kitchen washup. First real job: programmer
▪️Dream job - more-or-less what I'm doing now
▪️Favorite foot attire - not a big fan of shoes
▪️Favorite candy - any proper chocolate
▪️Favorite ice cream - rum&raisin
▪️What are you listening to - London Grammar
▪️Favorite pizza - anything with lots of cheese
▪️Favorite Movie - various, don't really have one
▪️Favorite tv show - don't own a TV
▪️Favorite day of the week - ?
▪️Favorite Flower - banana
▪️Tattoos - no
▪️Like to cook - yes, a lot
▪️Favorite color - black
▪️Gold or silver - neither
▪️Do you like vegetables? Yes, especially strange ones
▪️Do you wear glasses? yes
▪️Favorite season - summer
▪️Dream Travel Destination - Mars
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Re: Trivia

Postby Corns » Wed Dec 12, 2018 18:07

First Job - Dishwasher. First real job: Political Journalist
▪️Dream job - more-or-less what I'm doing now
▪️Favorite foot attire - The “Lockheed” Boot: Eves&Gray
▪️Favorite candy - Bateel chocolate dates
▪️Favorite ice cream - Pistachio
▪️What are you listening to - Serge Gainsbourg, Ofra Haza
▪️Favorite pizza - goat cheese, spicy sausage, potato and onion
▪️Favorite Movie - Once Upon a Time in America, The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938), The Sand Pebbles
▪️Favorite tv show - the Americans
▪️Favorite day of the week - Monday
▪️Favorite Flower - Frangipani
▪️Tattoos - no
▪️Like to cook - I make a great gumbo
▪️Favorite color - Blue
▪️Gold or silver - Gold (not for wearing but storing)
▪️Do you like vegetables? Okra is my fav
▪️Do you wear glasses? Yes
▪️Favorite season - Fall
▪️Dream Travel Destination: I have been to most of them.
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Re: Trivia

Postby Kal El » Thu Dec 13, 2018 08:28

▪️First Job - Mowing the lawn and paper route (13 years old). First real job: Waiter at Mike's Kitchen (16 years old).
▪️Dream job - I already have it. Full time kindergarten teacher.
▪️Favorite foot attire - Flip-flops in summer, Doc Martens in winter.
▪️Favorite candy - Snickers
▪️Favorite ice cream - Rum and Raisin
▪️What are you listening to - Graham Clarke's Dinosaur Song
▪️Favorite pizza - Vegetarian with goat's cheese.
▪️Favorite Movie - I have several in each genre, but if were pressed for an answer I'd say, About Time.
▪️Favorite tv show - Currently, it's a tie between Star Trek Discovery and Game of Thrones.
▪️Favorite day of the week - Saturday
▪️Favorite Flower - Red Roses
▪️Tattoos - None
▪️Like to cook - I enjoy cooking, especially stews, soups and steak.
▪️Favorite color - Green
▪️Gold or silver - Silver
▪️Do you like vegetables? - Everything except Brussel Sprouts.
▪️Do you wear glasses? - Yes.
▪️Favorite season - Spring
▪️Dream Travel Destination - Russia. Particularly a train trip from Vladivostok to Moscow.
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Postby Just Jennifer » Sat Dec 15, 2018 04:14

First Job - Summer intern for a Senator, Guam Legislature (14), First real job - Secretary in an Advertising agency, afternoons while I was a senior in HS (16).
- Dream job - Doing what I love already - music and stories for children. When I get older, I’d like to extend that to music and movement for seniors.
- Favorite foot attire - Ballerina flats or 2-inch wedges
- Favorite candy - Dark choc and nuts
- Favorite ice cream - Godiva choc cone
- What are you listening to - Noel, Lauren Daigle
- Favorite pizza - Whatever my kids are eating
- Favorite Movie - Enchanted
- Favorite tv show - X-files in the 90s
- Favorite day of the week - Sunday
- Favorite Flower - Hibiscus and plumeria
- Tattoos - None
- Like to cook - I enjoy cooking with others
- Favorite color - Red with a bit of blue in it
- Gold or silver - Silver
- Do you like vegetables? - yes
- Do you wear glasses? - Contacts, glasses sometimes
- Favorite season - Spring
- Dream Travel Destination - Germany at Christmastime

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