Oia restaurant with alpacas and goats for the kids

Oia restaurant with alpacas and goats for the kids

Postby Dragonbones » Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:18

We went to an alpaca-themed restaurant, Oia, yesterday in Sanzhi, New Taipei City (新北市三芝區後厝里北勢子12-1號; #12-1, Sanzhi Distr.; 2636 3766) in which three young alpacas, one at present really cute and only 8 mos. old, roam the restaurant and pose for pics with the kids. The alpacas are very tame (the adults out back not so much). I was told they may knock your drink over if you're not careful, but they didn't approach our table and seemed happy to be petted and photographed by the guests instead. There are also some goats out back for the kids to feed (the staff hand out free carrot sticks for this). Reasonably good family fun if you are already in the area and if the wife or kids are crazy about cute furry animals.

There's no entry price and they make their money off requiring you to order something before petting or taking pics with the animals. I read on another review site that the minimum is $150. The drinks are a little pricey at around $200 (the latte at another table was tall and fancy but looked weak), and the meals also (roughly $300-380, at least the ones I saw). Our bill was $1015 for two adults and two kids sharing one plate, with no drinks. The food is mediocre (the kids' chicken nuggets etc. were ok, Dragonbabe's cream pasta was ok, and my tomato seafood pasta was just passable although the squid was badly overcooked and tough). So, don't go there for the meals themselves.

Also be forewarned that the restaurant is a bit dusty and smells, well, like alpacas and goats (quite strongly, but what did you expect?), but you're not required to order a lot, and it's an ok price for family entertainment. Service is so-so. You'd probably want to be on a scooter or driving a car to get there.

Overall, just something to consider if you're in the area and the family love furry alpacas and baby animals.

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