Honggah Museum
Address: 11F, No. 166, Dàyè Road,Běitóu,Taipei
地址: 台北市北投區大業路166號11樓
Nearest MRT: Qíyán Station 奇岩站
Price: $
Phone: (02) 2894-2272
Website: http://www.hong-gah.org.tw
EMail: honggah[at]titan.seed.net.tw

Wishing to commemorate his father, Chiu Tsaihsing founded the Honggah Museum in his father’s name. The Honggah museum formally opened its doors to the public in 1999. With its exhibitions and guided tours, the museum aims to provide a pleasant and artistic environment, and foster an appreciation of art within the community. To this end, the Hongga Museum regularly holds carefully arranged art exhibitions. With its unique ambiance and facilities, the museum aims to promote community culture and bring out the cultural aspect of the neighborhood.


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