1001 Nights Taipei
Address: No. 8 Nánjīng East Road Section 5, 2F,Sōngshān,Taipei
地址: 台北市松山區南京東路五段8號2F
Nearest MRT: Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station 國父紀念館站
Price: $$
Phone: (02) 2765-1122
Website: https://www.facebook.com/1001NightsTaipei
EMail: 1001nightstaipei[at]gmail.com

Welcome to the best Shisha lounge in Taiwan!

In our bar, all the shisha are imported from middle-eastern. On the menu we have tasteful Middle-eastern food. Every night we play different styles of music and performance like bellydance, Russian singer, tabla drums, pole dance, etc. while you enjoy the shisha and special 1001 nights' drinks.

By midnight, we will have DJ remix dance music. Time for everyone get down to the dance floor dance the night away.

We are inviting you to to become one of our caring member. Join us on facebook If you reserve your table ahead you will become one of our VIP with great discount! We are honor to prepare the best party here for you; birthday, reunion, any type of celebrations. There will be special deals for different event.

Our basic schedule:

Wednesday- Tabla Drum solo Belly Dance. 22:00~24:00

Thursday- Latino salsa. 21:00~1:00

Friday- Pole Dance Russian Singer 22:00~24:00

Saturday- Pole Dance Sexy Dance. 22:00~24:00

Sunday- House Night with live DJs.

The schedule might change if there's special event. please contact us for more information.


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