Neihu Store 內湖店
Address: No. 36, Lane 128, Xīnhú 1st Road,Nèihú,Taipei
地址: 台北市內湖區新湖一路128巷36號
Nearest MRT: Nánjīng Sanmin Station 南京三民站
Phone: (02) 2795-6700

Decathlon is a French company which has been selling sporting goods since 1976. We are the biggest sporting goods retailer in Europe and have more than 500 Decathlon megastores around the world.

Decathlon, through its 16 passion brands, QUECHUA, DOMYOS, ARTENGO, KIPSTA, B’TWIN, TRIBORD, INESIS…. designs innovative technical products at prices to suit all budgets, for the enjoyment of all sportspeople, from novice to competitor.

We also sell products of International brands, like Nike, Adidas, Wilson, and son on.

迪卡儂是一家在全球生產和銷售體育用品的法國企業。創立於1976年,目前在全球擁有超過500家運動用品商場,是歐洲最大的運動用品零售商。本公司擁有並銷售十六個自有運動品牌,例如戶外登山品牌Quechua、水上運動品牌Tribord、自行車品牌b’Twin、韻律健身品牌Domyos、球拍類運動品牌Artengo、團體球類品牌Kipsta、慢跑品牌Kalenji、高爾夫球品牌 Inesis等等。


本公司賣場也有銷售國際知名品牌運動用品,例如:Nike, Adidas, Wilson等等.

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