Jingmei Human Rights Memorial Park 景美人權文化園區
Address: No. 131 Fùxīng Road,Xīndiàn,Xīnběi
地址: 新北市新店區復興路131號
Nearest MRT: Dàpínglín Station 大坪林站
Phone: (02) 2218-2438
Website: http://www.nhrm.gov.tw/nhrm/Code/

The National Human Rights Museum is part of the government’s efforts to improve the country’s international image and the quality of human rights education in Taiwan.

The Preparatory Office of the National Human Rights Museum also supervises two memorial parks — the Jingmei Human Rights Memorial Park in Xinbei City, and the Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park on Green Island.

The Jingmei site served as a military school from 1957 until 1967. It later housed military courts and a detention center where political dissidents, including a former head of the Military Intelligence Bureau, were jailed until the center’s closure in 1991.

The 32-hectare memorial park on Green Island includes two prisons-turned-museums that document the dark history of Taiwan’s authoritarian rule during the White Terror era. Built in 1951 and 1970 respectively, the two prisons once held more than 1,000 political prisoners.

The Preparatory Office is also responsible for promoting human rights, preserving historic documents and recording the oral history of former political victims. Many of its collections will be displayed at the National Human Rights Museum when the facilities are completed.


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