Tamsui Presbyterian Church
Address: No. 8 Mǎxié Street,Dànshuǐ,Xīnběi
地址: 新北市淡水區馬偕街8號
Nearest MRT: Dànshuǐ Station 淡水站
Phone: (02) 2621-4043
Website: http://www.ntm.gov.tw/tw/public/public.aspx?no=497
EMail: tkc[at]mackay.com.tw

Originally built during the Japanese colonial period, Tamsui Presbyterian Church opened for services in 1933. In those days, one could even hear the Sunday call to worship across the river in Bali, no doubt thanks to the bell in its four storey steeple.

Today the church is not only home to Danshui's largest congregation of Christians, with over 300 people attending services every week, but it is also a favourite backdrop for wedding photos.


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